• Hosted in Los Angeles, USA

  • Low Latency P2Pool Node

  • No Registration Required

  • Payouts Directly to Your Wallet

  • PPLNS Window 24 Hours

  • Transaction Fees Paid to Miners (0.5% Block Bonus)

  • Low 1% Fee!

Start Mining!

Welcome to inetrader p2pool!
Start mining alt-coins with no registration.
Simply select which crypto-currency you want to mine, get your wallet account address and pick any password.
Please see the coin details below more information.
Payments are made per last number of shares submitted.
Please remember that you have to wait 24 hours before comparing your payout to others.

Please use one of your personal wallet addresses rather than an exchange address, so you don't have the potential to lose your coins!
Fastcoin node in Maintenance Mode.

pool donation addresses

LTC LcraL6WMsJNbgFAEGsqcNK8kBcgJbCzwZu BTC 1DRct1EYhBj1rpwq7ShUUW2WrmYDp3x8Ag

FST fxZ6aKELGGk6ZnWbhfure5Cpv7xTo1u1Wv DOGE DNzaBVsiK3tvBNfaYTt7fcCP87siZcQ5B2

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